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Welcome to Coastal Bliss Yoga Online. We have taken the decision to pause new subscriptions until CBY Online comes to you in a new format towards the end of 2023. If you can't wait that long to practice with us online, please email [email protected] enquiring about CBY Online, and we will ensure you can get a fix of our special yoga in the interim.

We aim to bring CBY to You, wherever you are, through a variety of skillfully taught, professional videos. Classes are taught by the teachers you love, inside the beautiful cedar walls of our studio in Tofino BC, Canada.
*Please Note: You will need to create a new username & login for CBY Online as it is not connected with our in studio software.

Before you begin your first class with us online, we need you to clearly understand the risks of participating in our yoga classes. Please take a moment to register as a student of Coastal Bliss Yoga and to agree to the terms of our liability waiver by clicking the link above.

Original Music by Heidi MacPherson

  • Hatha
    10 videos


    10 videos

    Hatha Yoga uses postures (asana) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility, and relaxation. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a sense of well-being to the pra...

  • Vinyasa [Foundations & All Levels]

    21 videos

    Foundations Vinyasa Flow classes move at a slower pace with detailed instruction and modifications offered.The focus is on learning the foundational poses and basic principles of Vinyasa Yoga practice in order to build strength, increase flexibility, and foster greater focus. This class will prep...

  • Vinyasa [Intermediate & Progressive]

    30 videos

    Combining strength and fluidity, these classes move at a steady pace and include intermediate level poses. Modifications will be offered to suit varying levels of practitioners. Focus is on breath synchronized movement to encourage greater body awareness and increased energy. Students should have...

  • Power Vinyasa

    9 videos

    Power yoga is a fun and vigorous style of yoga that is intented to increase energy and vitality while building strength and stamina. The emphasis on breath initiated movements helps to cultivate greater focus and attention while the mindful progression of postures allows for deeper opening and in...

  • Restorative

    6 videos

    Restorative yoga is a gentle, therapeutic style of yoga where props are used to support the body in restful poses. This nurturing practice focuses on restoring the central nervous system and promotes conscious relaxation. This class is suitable for students of all levels of experience.

  • Yin & Gentle Hatha

    12 videos

    Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues and joints to increase strength and maximize range of motion. Poses are mostly done seated o...

  • Yang / Yin

    5 videos

    This class combines a vinyasa practice with yin yoga. The first part of class stimulates yang energy and warms the body with a dynamic sequence and longer held standing postures, whereas the second half will focus on deep, cooling yin stretches on the mat.

  • Yoga Nidra

    3 videos

  • LiveStream Recordings

    2 videos

  • Meditation
    10 videos


    10 videos

  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga

    3 videos